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The Perio Patient Podcast

Apr 22, 2021

The Perio Patient Podcast - Episode 64.

Exploring ways to better manage life and chronic inflammation affecting your mouth. The thoughts and ideas of one San Antonio periodontist, Dr. Benjamin Young DDS San Antonio.

I am an inquisitive guy who is fascinated by the specialty I practice. I also love dentistry, medicine,...

Apr 16, 2021

That’s right. Think for yourself – even if you disagree with me and others.


It sounds strange that I would say this to you I know, and that is because there is an initial desire to be agreed with. How much easier would it be if you just did what I told you? It is an enticing thought, because my day would flow so...

Apr 7, 2021

So, what counters this natural tendency to play the victim in my own life? How can I not fume at every stop light or slow driver who happens to be in front of me? On the one hand, I can scold myself – tell myself to shape up and be nicer. But I have two problems with this approach. First, I think it lowers my mood –...