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The Perio Patient Podcast

Aug 14, 2021

The Perio Patient Podcast - Episode 74. There is a lot of bad news out there. We are swimming in it. And if you just step back a little and study it, I think you will agree with me that some of it is gaslighting.

Three famous psychology studies:

One interesting current video you might want to check out:

I am an inquisitive guy who is fascinated by the specialty I practice. I also love dentistry, medicine, science, and the humanities, and talk and write about all of it. The reason I do this, is because I believe patients need more than technical procedures. They can benefit from good information and encouragement from people they choose to get to know more than just superficially. My videos here are to benefit dental patients. Some of these videos are used in my private practice to educate patients. Other videos or general information.

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